Still working on getting this section up and going…

Current Plans

  1. It will be called the Glutten Bowl and will be hosted somewhere in Ypsilanti.
  2. Any profits will be donated to a charity.  The charity has not yet been chosen, but we are currently leaning towards Relay for Life.
  3. Participants will pay an entree fee which will pay for the food and for the donation towards charity.  All contestants will receive a Glutton Bowl t-shirt.
  4. The winner of the competition will win a combination of a cash prize, gift cards to local businesses and a trophy.
  5. There will be several raffles during the competition for people to win gift cards to local businesses.
  6. There will be an after party at a local watering hole.
  7. The food choice is up in the air.  We are still trying to decide.

The plans are still unconfirmed because we just started working on the idea.  The whole point of this is to offer entertainment and to donate some money to charity.  Ideally we could like to donate a few hundred dollars to the organization we decide.

Let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions, or a will to compete.  I will keep you updated as we plan.

Current Competitors
John Moors
Scherrard Baker
Branden ‘BG’ Gregory