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On April 7, 2009 it will go down.  John requested a rematch and the Bomber Breakfast accepted.  Contracts have been signed, and the date has been set.

This time, the hashbrowns will be finished.


Very rarely do many people of my age and income get to visit a restaurant that is regarded as one of the best in the country. This past Friday I had the opportunity to visit The Lark in West Bloomfield, MI.  The Lark is in its 25th year and is serving, by far, some of the best food I have ever eaten.  Every course was absolutely incredible, and it represented one of the few times where I have been amazed by a restaurant.  Their chef, John Somerville has been the head chef for 3 years and is up for a James Beard award.   If you get the opportunity, I HIGHLY recommend you visit.   The cost is around $80 or so per person excluding wine which is pretty expensive, but honestly it is well worth it.  This was definitely a top 5 dining experience for me.

Oh, I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  The restaurant is a tad on the dark side and I am not working with the greatest camera in the world.

The wine list at this place is incredible.  They offer a main list and boast of a supplemental list with includes over 1,000 additional bottles.  My father chose a 1988 Chateau Lynch Bages, which went well with the meal.  I am not much of a wine person, but my father is a rather large wine lover.  We also begun the night with a glass of Krug champagne.

The meal begun with the with the cold appetizer with oysters, shrimp, salmon, curry duck salad, and feta salad.  Basically how this works is they wheel around a tray with these options and you can pick which ones you want.  I, of course, opted to try everything and had seconds of the salmon.  I’m not usually a big fan of raw foods, but I had my mind changed for me.

We then moved on to the warm appetizers.  The choices were a pepper bisque soup with feta cheese, scallops or a pasta dish that I can not recall.  I chose the pepper bisque which was absolutely delicious.  The pepper was slightly sweetened and the feta cut the sweetness perfectly.  My father ordered the scallops and apparently enjoyed them because he would not share them.

The meal then moved to the salad, which always offers a challenge to me.  I could count the number of salads I have eaten in my life on one hand, so if a restaurant can create a salad that I will eat it’s one hell of an accomplishment.  I chose the spinach salad which came with beats and goat cheese.  All I can say about this is I ate it, and that is the highest compliment I could possibly pay to a salad.

For dinner, the choice was easy.  The Lark is famous for their Rack of Lamb Ghangis Khan.  This dish has been featured on Emeril and is known across the country as some of the best lamb available.  You even get a certificate saying which number lamb you are eating (i believe mine was around 66,000) and the recipe they use.  It was surprising how simple the recipe was.  The secret seemed to be the quality of the lamb and the hoisin sauce, which is brushed on for the last five minutes of cooking.  I was amazed at how delicious and tender these things were.  It is completely possible that this was the best dish I have ever eaten.  It was served with dauphinoise potatoes and glazed carrots.

I think I have done enough talking about how amazing this restaurant is, so I will end this review by saying that The Lark receives an A+.

The Lark Resturaunt
6430 Farmington Rd.
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Good Googily that's quite a burger there, Sir!

Good Googily that's quite a burger there, Sir!

As a half Irish, half Russian born on St. Patrick’s Day, a trip to New Orleans for the occassion is somewhat….unreal.  No that’s not the word.  Amazing.  Yes, that’s it.

If you’re like me and particularly enjoy enormous burgers and stiff drinks, the Port of Call on Esplanade Ave. in New Orleans, LA should be your first stop.  In fact – it was!

Within 30 minutes of touchdown, I was downing one of these guys.  Comes with a baked potato even!  Look at what happens when you actually put her top on!

Timmmbbbeeeerrrrrrrr...into my mouth.

Timmmbbbeeeerrrrrrrr...into my mouth.

That’s it for now – drink description and photos to come next!

Port of Call
838 Esplanade Ave
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 523-0120

–Toddles (MoorsFood Guest reporter in the field)

My darling of a girlfriend, Stephanie, took me to Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor on Sunday for my birthday and it was damn delicious. I have been meaning to visit this place since it opened because of the huge variety of food it offers. The menu features “old-time American classics” but gives you a lot more than just simple comfort food. You are given the option of creating your own cheese plate, a large oyster menu, a great domestic beer list, and reading materials giving you detailed information of pretty much everything on the menu. The wait staff is readily available to answer any questions you may have, and is well informed on all things food.

I started off with an oyster. I had never had the privilege, mainly because I was a bit weary of raw foods until a few years ago. The oysters offered raw or smoked, and I went with the raw Steamhouse oyster, which was recommended by our waitress. I can not even explain how delicious it was, and I regret ever being afraid of them. With a bit of the house made horse radish sauce, this was a delicious beginning to he meal.

After the oyster, we moved on to the appetizer menu which boasts a great variety of starters.   We decided to go with the fried calamari and chili & cheddar fries.  The calamari was good, but not great.  I have had calamari many times, and this falls right in the middle of those experiences.  It was not over fried, but the taste of the calamari didn’t completely shine through.  I could give it a solid C+ as far as calamari goes.  As for the chili & cheddar fries, I have never had anything like it.  The twice-cooked fries were good, but the chili was complete with large tender pieces of beef.  It was topped with 2-year raw-milk Vermont cheddar.

For our entrees, I had to go with the Texas cabrito with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese.  The cabrito is pulled free-range goat that is smoked over wood and served with barbecue sauce.  Wow, never had goat but it was absolutely delicious.  I have to say that if you are not an adventurous eater, goat may not be for you.  I can’t really explain what goat tastes like, but if you’re interested I would highly recommend it.  The mashed potatoes were good, but the mac & cheese was very average.  Stephanie ordered the New Mexico black bean and hominy burger.  It was served with green chiles, avocado salad, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles, on a fresh onion roll.  It was an interesting burger because the patty was not completely formed.  It acted as more of a spread.

All in all, I would give Roadhouse a solid B.  The appetizers and starters are the real star of the meal, while the entrees seemed pretty average.  If you visit there, I would stick to the oysters, cheese plate, and appetizers.

The Detroit Free Press recently did a “six week study” on the best burgers in the Metro Detroit area.  You can read the whole article here, but here are some highlights.

Miller’s Bar
23700 Michigan Ave., Dearborn

Metro Detroit’s most famous bar burger is an undeniably delicious no-frills classic: a thick patty of fresh ground beef on an honest bun, brought to your table on a square of waxed paper. Help yourself to pickles from a jar on the condiment tray; sliced onion is served on request. Want cheese? It’s Swiss or Velveeta, sliced off long loafs and melted onto the patty into near-oblivion. You won’t get a bill; just tell the bar man what you had and he’ll tell you what you owe. For its fans, the bare-bones service and semi-divey setting only enhance the growing Miller’s mystique. Hamburger, $4.75; cheeseburger, $5.50.

Poole’s Tavern
157 E. Main, Northville

Burger lovers of several persuasions wrote to extol the hand-formed, half-pound, Certified Angus Beef burgers at cozy Poole’s Tavern in downtown Northville. You can keep it low-key and simple, or amp it up with add-ons like bacon, cheeses, mushrooms or grilled onions (75 cents-$1 each). The kaiser rolls are substantial, and the toppings are fresh and flavorful. Hamburger: $5.75

Vivio’s Food & Spirits
2460 Market, Detroit

Serving Detroit’s Eastern Market district for more than 30 years, Vivio’s turns out “beefy, moist burgers” that are “always cooked exactly to your order, and to perfection,” wrote major fan Dave Gohn. As promised, these Certified Angus Beef burgers are big, juicy and well-prepared. Price includes fries. Cheeseburger: $7.75.

Nemo’s Bar
1384 Michigan, Detroit

The burgers at this legendary sports bar, a stone’s throw from old Tiger Stadium, are seriously savory, juicy and tender. Readers –and we — love the ones cooked behind the bar, with Worcestershire sauce and black pepper added while the beef sizzles on the grill. The grilled sesame-seed buns add great toasted flavor, too. Ardent Nemo’s fan Kelli Kavanaugh says, “My medium-rare always comes out medium-rare, and their own special blend of mustard sauce is wickedly good.” She’s right. That hot mustard rocks. Hamburger, $4; cheeseburger $4.50

Vinsetta Grill
28028 Woodward, Royal Oak

Vinsetta’s Build Your Own Burger checklist lets you choose your burger size — up to a pound — and then top it with ingredients most of us have never thought of. Choose from 10 cheeses; 20 regular but interesting toppings; 11 premium toppings (from fried egg to Chablis mushrooms) and 18 sauces, including spicy sour cream, onion marmalade and peanut sauce. And the kitchen makes your creation look great, no matter how over the top you’ve topped it. Base prices include one cheese, four regular toppings and one sauce; additional charges for extra items. Hamburger (one-third pound): $7.99.

Went to La Fuente the other day, where they now know me by name.  Thought I would share pictures of their delicious 42 oz margarita and the chori pollo, which is two chicken breasts topped with chorizo, a pineapple ring and cheese.  I was a little disappointed that my food didn’t look as great as it always does the one time I brought my camera.

Do yourself a favor and go here.  It is some of the most delicious Mexican food I have ever had.

1930 Whittaker Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 961-6644

Without a clue what I wanted for lunch today, I came upon Arby’s on Washtenaw Ave.  I noticed advertisements all over for a “Roast Burger” which claims to be a burger done better.  I was intrigued, since Arby’s usually offers up some pretty good, but expensive, food.  I wasn’t even sure what they were, but a “first bite guarentee” was offered, so how could I lose?

Actually, the thought of returning a sandwich with one bite taken out of it is pretty stupid.  So I had everything to lose.  By everything, I mean 3 dollars and some change.

I chose the Bacon & Bleu Roastburger, which is Arby’s sliced roasted beef, pepper bacon, and bleu cheese spread.. Finished off with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  This is all inside of a “toasted speciality roll”.

I have to admit, I actually expected there to be some form of hamburger patty somewhere.  All I found was Arby’s normal roast beef.  While delicious, this was a bit disappointing, since it was advertised as a burger.  The bun was more impressive than a normal’s Arby’s sandwich, or any fast food burger than you can get.  If there was a hamburger patty in the middle the bun, I would have been a lot more impressed.

After putting the RoastBurger out of the box and opening it up for a look, and I was extremely disappointed.  The peppercorn bacon was two(TWO??????) small strips of obviously pre-cooked bacon, a small amount of the bleu cheese dressing, a little pile of the sliced roast beef, and the vegetables slopped on the bun.  As you can see, the sandwich wasn’t very appetizing.

There’s your final look.  Not quite a masterpiece.  As far as taste is concerned, it was rather average.  The bun was good and the roast beef was the same it always is.  The most impressive thing about the sandwich was the bleu cheese sauce, which was lacking on my sandwich.  The sauce was a little strong, so I think asking for extra sauce would overwhelm the sandwich.

Overall, I would not recommend getting Arby’s Roastburger.

Stick with the basics.  Just get an Arby melt.

So for some reason I haven’t ever been to Angelo’s in Ann Arbor, even though it’s been there since 1956. I finally decided to make the trip this morning, and holy god was I not disappointed.

The place was packed so we had to sit in the building next door.  This place gets so busy that they had to build another restaurant in an empty lot next door to accommodate their customers.  I ordered the crab cakes Benedict, which is Angelo’s home made toast, crab cakes, a poached egg, and covered in hollandaise sauce.  The crab cakes are made in house, and were absolutely delicious.  The toast is made out of their own baked bread.  This was quite possibly one of the best breakfasts I have ever had

Angelo’s also serves lunch, and sells their bread out of the resturaunt.  I would HIGHLY reccomend visiting if you haven’t been before.

1100 E. Catherine
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Never been to Mexican town in Detroit? Get yourself there immediately. Go to Xochimilco and Evie’s Tamales for some take home tamales. Here’s some pictures from a recent visit.

You’re probably asking yourself what that last picture is.  It is a mexican sandwich, which is pretty much everything you can think of in a Mexican resturaunt layered between three tortillas.  Deeeeeeeelicious.

With no other options for lunch at work the other day, I settled for one of the new Taco Bell enchilada platters.  Here’s what I got.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t half bad.  I was expecting a small portioned pile of slop, but the food was suprisingly good.  The enchiladas are stuffed with the same spicy chicken that comes in their spicy chicken burritos, which I always order when stopping at Taco Bell.  The salsa is not great, but is an edible chunkys salsa.  The beans and rice are pretty standard.

All in all, I would summarize this meal as “suprising”.  My standards were low, and I got a pretty fufilling meal.  I should mention that I ate one of those cheesy double beef burritos afterwards, but sometimes my appetite is ridiculous.

If you have limited options for food, give it a try.

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