My name is John Moors and this is my food blog.  I started this thing as a way to document the food that I ate and was interested in while at the same time sharing it with other people.  It has become good times and people seem to enjoy it so I have continued.

I started eating at the tender age of 5 days, and have been doing it ever since.  I began cooking about 2-3 years ago, and taught myself watching TV, reading books and throwing different ingredients together to see what happens.  You may notice that I do not have the most exact measurements for my ingredients.  That is because I am unorganized and I believe it’s more fun to guesstimate.

I love Mexican food.

I hate baking.

I love spicy food.

Frank’s Red Hot taste good on everything.

I don’t eat salad.

Soy Milk(juice) is just wrong.