I have always wondered why Sonic advertises in Michigan where about three locations exist.  Is this just poorly spend advertising dollars?  Are they communicating to me that they are coming soon?  Or do they just enjoy torturing people who are stuck with McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s?  I decided to find out.

Well, Sonic buys time on cable channels just like any other advertiser. The problem is that since there are usually only two “feeds” of a cable channel (one with programming synchronized to Eastern time and one with programming on Pacific time), many areas receive commercials for products that they cannot purchase. Also, since Sonic has franchises in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, you may be receiving the commercials as inducements to vacation in those states.

So in summary, Sonic is not wasting money on advertising, could be coming soon but nothing is confirmed, and they do not enjoy teasing you with their delicious looking food.

Consider yourself educated.