Being a little bitter about my loss on the Crystal Pepsi bidding war, I decided to try to obtain bottle of Orbitz.  Orbitz was around about 10 years ago, and was popular because of the little balls that floated inside of the liquid.  I currently have a $6.00 bid out.  This isn’t close to my heart like Crystal Pepsi, but it will hold me over until a bottle can be mine.

Does anyone remember this stuff?  How aggressive should I be?  Remember, I am a non-profit blogger, and am currently living in poverty.

Oh, and the bottle is 10 years old.

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Update:  (3/6/09 – 8:09 AM)

I think I am going to use a little bit of strategy on this one.  This morning I was outbid by $.50 by someone who doesn’t have people counting on him to win the auction, and probably doesn’t even know what Orbitz is.  Instead of starting a war, I am going to use a sneak attack.  I will begin my aggressive bidding with a few hours remaining in the auction, and the Orbitz will be mine.

Can’t win with ’em.  Won’t win with ’em.

Update (3/9/09 – 12:55 PM)

So I moved in for the kill and blew away the competition with a $10.00 bid.  This bottle will be mine in ten hours, and man am I excited.