“You’ve Never Seen a Taste Like ThisRight now, there’s a new taste loose on the planet…A completely different kind of soft drink with a unique cola flavor. Absolutely clear, wonderfully refreshing, it’s everything you want…and nothing you’d expect. What you get is purely the best – all natural flavors, no preservatives, no caffeine and no artificial colors.”

Remember Crystal Pepsi?  I think I was about 6 or 7 years old when it came out, and I remember it being delicious.  For some reason, the general public hated it.

Where am I going with this?  Well.. This morning I found an unopened bottle of Crystal Pepsi on eBay, which caused me to empty the MoorsFood inc. budget (got people to pay for it) and place a bid for $30.00 dollars.  If all goes well, in 24 hours I will be the proud owner of a 16 oz bottle of Crystal Pepsi, which will immediately be chilled and consumed by yours truly.

Want to monitor the action and root for your favorite food blogger in the whole wide world?  Click the link below… And I swear if anyone outbids me I will blog about broccoli and asparagus for the next week.

Fight to the Death – The Battle for Crystal Pepsi

Update – 3:31 PM

Some A-hole apparently placed an auto-bid on this auction.  I got up to $40 but I’m a non-profit blogger, so I had to quit.  I am now debating whether or not I should put a guaranteed bid on a bottle of Diet Crystal Pepsi.  I will be mulling this over for a little while if I can’t find a bottle of the regular stuff.  Here’s the link:

Diet Crystal Pepsi – Not the Real Stuff, but it’s Crystal Pepsi, Damnit.

Update – 3:50 PM

Fail.  I decided that I am not spending $25 bucks on Diet.  I want the real thing.  This will not end.  You will see me drink Crystal Pepsi by the end of the month.  I guarentee it.