Without a clue what I wanted for lunch today, I came upon Arby’s on Washtenaw Ave.  I noticed advertisements all over for a “Roast Burger” which claims to be a burger done better.  I was intrigued, since Arby’s usually offers up some pretty good, but expensive, food.  I wasn’t even sure what they were, but a “first bite guarentee” was offered, so how could I lose?

Actually, the thought of returning a sandwich with one bite taken out of it is pretty stupid.  So I had everything to lose.  By everything, I mean 3 dollars and some change.

I chose the Bacon & Bleu Roastburger, which is Arby’s sliced roasted beef, pepper bacon, and bleu cheese spread.. Finished off with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  This is all inside of a “toasted speciality roll”.

I have to admit, I actually expected there to be some form of hamburger patty somewhere.  All I found was Arby’s normal roast beef.  While delicious, this was a bit disappointing, since it was advertised as a burger.  The bun was more impressive than a normal’s Arby’s sandwich, or any fast food burger than you can get.  If there was a hamburger patty in the middle the bun, I would have been a lot more impressed.

After putting the RoastBurger out of the box and opening it up for a look, and I was extremely disappointed.  The peppercorn bacon was two(TWO??????) small strips of obviously pre-cooked bacon, a small amount of the bleu cheese dressing, a little pile of the sliced roast beef, and the vegetables slopped on the bun.  As you can see, the sandwich wasn’t very appetizing.

There’s your final look.  Not quite a masterpiece.  As far as taste is concerned, it was rather average.  The bun was good and the roast beef was the same it always is.  The most impressive thing about the sandwich was the bleu cheese sauce, which was lacking on my sandwich.  The sauce was a little strong, so I think asking for extra sauce would overwhelm the sandwich.

Overall, I would not recommend getting Arby’s Roastburger.

Stick with the basics.  Just get an Arby melt.