So a lot is going on right now, so I wanted you to update you on what is currently going on.

This blog will soon be moved so another location. It will most likely be, but I am still mulling my options. Moving the blog to its own server will allow me a lot more freedom to do whatever I want, rather than work off of a template. To do this, I have to learn/re-learn how to do everything. This is going to be an interesting process. The result should create a better site that is more interactive for the readers.

I am also in the process of talking to a few local companies on hopeful interviews/tours of their operations. These would then be published on this blog.

I have a pretty hectic week this week, but will try to update as frequently as possible. I am consistently getting a large amount of traffic, and I appreciate your visits. If you don’t see anything on here for a day or two, don’t worry.. It’s just me working 7 days and going to class full time this week.

This wasn’t much of a state of the blog, but I wanted to get something up here on what was currently going on.