With no other options for lunch at work the other day, I settled for one of the new Taco Bell enchilada platters.  Here’s what I got.

Suprisingly, it wasn’t half bad.  I was expecting a small portioned pile of slop, but the food was suprisingly good.  The enchiladas are stuffed with the same spicy chicken that comes in their spicy chicken burritos, which I always order when stopping at Taco Bell.  The salsa is not great, but is an edible chunkys salsa.  The beans and rice are pretty standard.

All in all, I would summarize this meal as “suprising”.  My standards were low, and I got a pretty fufilling meal.  I should mention that I ate one of those cheesy double beef burritos afterwards, but sometimes my appetite is ridiculous.

If you have limited options for food, give it a try.