So this morning, I attempted to eat the Bomber breakfast.

Mine contained 1 pound of hashbrowns, 10 strips of bacon, 4 eggs over easy, and 2 slices of toast.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the hashbrowns..  I wasn’t even that full, but an entire pound of hashbrowns is fucking ridiculous.  Anyways, here’s the pictures.

So here’s the start.

The 10 strips of bacon were easy and gives you a better look at the four eggs.  My strategy was to take out the hashbrowns first, but I ended up eating the bacon first.

I started on the hashbrowns after that, but got sick of them and started working on the eggs.

This was when I began to hit the wall.  If you can eat a pound of hashbrowns, then you are literally my hero.  Here’s where I stopped.

I think next time I am going to try it but substitute half of the hashbrowns for a half pound of sausage.  I gaurentee I can do that.