I couldn’t just start the blog off with a boring post that the majority of people won’t even read, so I thought I would post a recipe that I typed up for someone the other day.

Mexican lasagna is just a mexican casserole, and is done by a lot of people.  I think my recipe is one of the better casseroles I have ever tasted.  Some people use ground beef for this, but I prefer to use ground chicken.  I like the taste better, and oh yeah.. It’s healthier too.  I don’t really measure my seasonings too much, so I will try to describe how much I use the best that I can.  I would probably sound more professional if I said “season to your liking”… Oh well.  Here goes.

First step, pre-heat your often to 360 degrees.  That’s always important when you’re cooking something.  Heat.

Mix Together in a Bowl:

  • 4 lbs of ground chicken
  • 4 cloves minced garlic
  • Half an onion.. Minced
  • 1 can of original Rotel tomatoes.. You can use the mild kind if spicy scares you.  You can also use fresh tomatoes if you prefer, but Rotel is good stuff.  If you were going to use fresh, I would reccomend one to two, depending on how much you like them.  You could also use your favorite salsa.
  • Two minced jalapenos.. You have a few options here.  If you don’t like the heat, you can either remove the membranes and seeds from the jalapenos, or substitute them with green chiles
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh cilanto.
  • 1/3 cup of tequila

Mix all that together and add salt, pepper, cayenne pepper,  cumin, and chili powder.  Like I said, I have no idea how much of each I put in, so season to your liking.  Damn, that was professional.  The longer this mixture sits, the better it will taste.  I usually let it sit for an hour or two.  By the way, this mixture looks a little nasty before it’s cooked.  Don’t worry about it.  It will taste amazing.

I like to make my own red sauce, but any enchilada sauce will do.

Once you’re ready, cook up the chicken mixture on high heat.  Right before the chicken is done, add corn and black beans beans .  I usually use a 14.5oz can of each.  Turn the heat down after the chicken is cooked and let the beans and corn cook in the juices.  Make sure the beans aren’t hard before you take off the burner.

You will need about 5 medium to large sized tortillas.  Cut them in halves and quarters.

Line the bottom of the pan with a little bit of the enchilada sauce.. Just so its covered.  After that, line it with the tortillas followed by the meat mixture and cheese on top.  For the cheese, I use either a mild cheddar or monterey jack.  Keep repeating that order until your pan is filled, but make sure you have the cheese on top.

When you’re all done there, throw it in the oven for about 10 minutes.  I like the cheese on top to be a little browned, and for the edges of the tortillas to be a little crunchy.  Let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then dig in.  This should feed 5-6 people.  Enjoy!